Volunteers teaching english to Bolivian school children

Teach English

The valley in which Mallasa and Jupapina are located, and the surrounding countryside are very beautiful and attract many international and national tourists, whilst thousands of visitors come to see the Valley of the Moon, La Paz Zoo and the local parks and valleys. As a result, there is great potential here to develop community-based tourism, and we require volunteers to come and teach English in the local school.

Up Close Bolivia works to build capacity among local people so that they can take advantage of opportunities in local tourism. We provide support to local family-run initiatives and our volunteers also run English classes at the local schools.The students are very enthusiastic and the classes serve as a cultural exchange between the students and volunteers, where the students present and share their culture and identity, as well as having the opportunity to learn about similarities and differences with foreign cultural practices. The objectives of these classes are: to increase their vocabulary, to promote their interest and appreciation about cultural practices and customs in Bolivia and across the world, and finally to promote self-esteem of students to express themselves in front of a group.

The role of volunteers who teach English:

  • Prepare classes – this may take up to three times the amount of time of the actual class
  • Deliver classes
  • Undertake evaluations
  • Plan a public event or fair where the students present all their work to their peers, parents and teachers.
Volunteers in bolivian classroom with students and teachers
Celebrations for the Graduation of Students at Jupapina School.