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Learn Spanish

Few people in Bolivia speak English – so it’s one of the best places to come if you want be immersed in the language and, of course, learn more quickly.

Another plus is that because many Bolivians speak Spanish as their second language (after their indigenous languages), they tend to speak much more slowly and clearly than in other Hispanic countries. You will also find that local people are incredibly tolerant and patient if you make a mistake. Obviously, the better your Spanish is, the more you will get out of your experience; you will be able to make friends and interact with local people in your project, as well as the wider community.

Once you are here, we can help you set up Spanish language classes with with native professional teachers who can give you individual or group classes on our site in Jupapina. The classes can be scheduled around your volunteering activities.

Prices for Spanish Class

Individual Classes: Cost for one class is aprox USD$9/6GBP/65Bs

Individual Intensive course of:

  • 10 hours  aprox USD$87 / 58 GBP  / 600 Bs  – equivalent per hour 60bs
  • 20 hours aprox USD$159  / 106 GBP  / 1100 Bs   –  equivalent per hour 55bs