Information for Groups

We work with our neighbours to strengthen the local community-based tourism and we will work with them to provide your group with opportunities to go trekking and explore the villages and mountains where we live. We will facilitate inter-cultural encounters with local people, especially young people, so that international students have a chance to learn about the differences and also similarities between  Bolivia and in their own country of origin.

Our work responds to the expressed needs of our community organisations with whom we plan and implement our work. Through our work we seek to create an environment which respects and promotes their right to thrive in a safe and green environment, and which also offers increased potential for employment, by optimising and sustaining the wide diversity of natural and human resources available. We have been receiving young volunteers for many years and we love to see them meet new challenges and channel their energy to leave a lasting impact on themselves and on our community.

The projects we implement with groups complement our longer-term development projects and they are designed to be intensive both in terms of time and energy, so that tangible results can be achieved for the group and the community. The programmes for groups supported by Up Close Bolivia are flexible and can change depending on festivals and public holidays. In every project we try and offer a variety of tasks so that the diverse skills and interests of the group can be catered for, e.g. there are jobs which involve physical effort, as well as jobs developing communications strategies and organising public events.

For more detailed information about our opportunities for groups please read this document (PDF Download)

Accommodation and Logistical Support for Groups:

We can accommodate up to 12 people in our volunteer houses, depending on availability, and 8 people in tipis and cabins on our mountainside campsite, Colibri Camping. For larger groups, we can also provide tents with access to a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and gardens. Meals can be prepared by the group or catered by Up Close Bolivia. UCB will provide all the logistical support and coordination before and during the volunteer placement and a personalised programme and budget will be developed for each group.

Examples of some of the projects which can be adjusted to meet with the schedule and programme of each group and also the expressed needs of our community:

  • Murals project: working with local schools and organisations to use public art to communicate key development and environmental messages and raise the self-esteem and pride of young people in their village environment.
  • Building playground equipment for children with disabilities.
  • Education, reforestation and rehabilitation of green areas.
  • Building community greenhouses.
  • Solar Panels made out of plastic bottles.
  • Solar ovens for low-income families or as demonstrative tools.
  • Support to community-based tourism initiatives.