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We promote community based volunteering and sustainable intercultural tourism in Bolivia through our volunteer programme Up Close Bolivia which is deeply rooted in the local community.

Our work is based on the concept of “RECIPROCIDAD” which means “reciprocity”- a concept at the heart of Andean culture. It is all about giving back and contributing in a way which enriches both the person who is giving and the person who is receiving equally. The essence of our programme is to ensure that the needs and expectations of our volunteers; visitors and the local communities are mutually met and both parties are enriched and strengthened.

Here is a short video which presents many of the projects and describes what life is like as an Up Close Bolivia volunteer.Visit our our Up Close Bolivia web page for more information about the community based projects.

upclose banner photoAbout the volunteering projects

It is likely that volunteers will participate in more than one of the volunteering projects listed below. We have 3 main programmes which run throughout the year to strengthen local organisations in our neighbourhood, consisting of the Valley of The Moon Children’s Centre, The Equine Therapy Centre and the La Paz Zoo.

Also, Up Close Bolivia works with community organisations using art – particularly murals and occasionally theatre and workshops etc. – to raise awareness about local sustainable and ecological development, and on specific issues such as recycling, worm composting and mini greenhouses. On a regular basis, we offer our services to local organisations to improve and clean up the environment. This may involve tree planting, clearing rubble, rehabilitating playgrounds and schools, amongst other activities. These activities often take place in collaboration with after school clubs “Nuestro Espacio”, football coaching and strengthening local eco-tourism and English teaching.

We place volunteers to respond primarily to the needs of the community and also to match the skills and interests of our volunteers. We will work with each volunteer to plan their weekly schedule, so that they can combine their volunteering projects with reciprocal tourism and Spanish classes if they wish.

Write to us at upclosebolivia@upclosebolivia.org  for more information.