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We have a little travel agency on site. We will be happy to sit down with you and help you plan your onward travel in Bolivia and beyond and share with your our local knowledge, tips and our own favourite places to go and to stay.

We can reserve tours and book tickets for you, with service providers that we have used ourselves or that other Colibri visitors have highly recommended.

Ask us about trips to the Salt Flats, Salar De Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, Tiawanacu pre-incan ruins, Coroico, Tours to the Bolivian Amazon and the Pampas.

Tour La Paz Feminista

La Paz feminista

Private City Tour – through the Eyes of Women

What is it like to be a woman living in La Paz?  And what if you are an indigenous woman? A student? An immigrant? A Mother? A Trader? A business woman? An Activist?…

On this tour you will learn about the historic and ongoing struggles of the women of La Paz to be educated, to have control over their bodies and to have their voices and proposals heard in this society that is still so largely machista, despite recent progressive legislation.

You will see how modern indigenous women of La Paz combine their traditional customs with the demands of this fast-paced city when it comes to fashion, dating and marriage.

You will visit “fashonistas” of La Paz to understand the history and also the dynamic trends of the Cholita clothing and ever-changing trends.

A stroll through the streets and apparently chaotic markets, where you will be able to chat with the women of La Paz, will highlight how important the underlying unionisation, solidarity and sisterhood is to manage the city`s economy and their well-being.

The tour will finish at the headquarters of one of the city`s leading feminist organisations, whose provocative graffiti can be seen across the city, where you will be able to have lunch and buy their creative materials.

  • This tour is available in the mornings at 10am and in the afternoons at 2.30pm.
  • Meeting Point: San Francisco Church in the city centre.
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours with regular stops, some uphill walking
  • Cost per person: USD$25 or 175bs Minimum group size: 2 people
  • Ask at Colibri to make a reservation

Aymara Perspectives:  Tour of El Alto

el alto

Your guide, Lucero, will share with you a very intimate perspective of this exciting, vibrant, chaotic city of El Alto.

As the daughter of Aymara immigrants, she will share personal stories and you will meet her neighbours and explore parts and aspects of the city that few tourists get to see or understand.

You will take mini buses and the breath-taking cable car up into the heart of El Alto to explore the markets where Lucero will explain the complex economic and social systems which sustain one of the fastest growing city in Latin America.

You will hear about the educational and work opportunities and challenges for rural immigrants, especially for women.

Lucero will explain the background to the famous colourful city architecture and how and why people choose to celebrate life and death, maintaining their rich traditions and culture alive through their fashions, fiestas, parties and traditional spiritual ceremonies.

You will get a deeper understanding of the culture of protest, marches and blockades and the actions of its revolutionary sons and daughters to uphold their rights and identity as proud indigenous people looking towards the future of Bolivia.

  • Tours on Market days: Thursdays and Sundays
  • Meeting Point: San Francisco Church in the city centre
  • Duration: Approx.3 hours with regular stops
  • Cost per person: USD$25 or 175bs
  • Minimum group size: 2 people / Maximum size: 5 people
  • Ask Colibri to make a reservation