Local attractions

valleThe Valley of the Moon – A short 5 minute bus ride from Colibri you will come to one of the main tourist attractions in La Paz – The Valley of the Moon which is so called due to the amazing and quite bizarre rock formations, is like nowhere else on earth and you can spend an enjoyable hour walking through the valleys and crevices and perhaps spot some viscachas, local Andean hares. Entrance Fee 15bs for foreigners and 5bs for locals..

flowerThe Valley of the Flowers – Start the day with a walk down to the Valley below the campsite, where our neighbours cultivate flowers for the local markets. (You do not need a guide for this, just make sure you take sun screen, good walking shoes and a bottle of water for the climb back up).

Self-guided Trek down from Devil Tooth Mountain and Visit to Rural Indigenous Aymara Community – From Colibri Camping and Eco-Lodge you see the amazing rock of the Devil´s Tooth Mountain. We can give you printed instructions to follow the path back to the campsite.  The trek is down-hill and quite easy apart from some eroded areas where you need to take care. The trek takes 3-5 hours and has some amazing views of the snow peaks of the Andes and the city of La Paz in the distance. There is also the option of having lunch before the descent with the local indigenous women`s organisation, a local community based tourism initiative supported by Colibri and the Up Close Bolivia volunteer programme. Cost: Local taxi to the village of Chiaraque 90bs. Optional Guide 200bs.

horse1Horse Trek up to the Devil`s Tooth Mountain

Our friend Ivan has beautiful horses and is a true Bolivian Cowboy. His Rranch is in the foothills of the Devil`s Tooth Mountain which towers above Colibri Camping and Eco-Lodge. You will ride through the most amazing landscape with views towards the city in the distance and the glaciers of the Andes, up to the flower fields and the village of Chiaraque at the base of the Mountain. The ride takes about 2 hours and is suitable for intermediate riders. You should bring; long trousers, boots and sun block. Cost: 350bs / person (USD$50).


Full Adventure: Quad biking – Our neighbor Doña Brigida and her family run one of the most established quad biking companies in La Paz. The guides are friendly and some speak English having participated in our Up Close Bolivia volunteer led language courses. The trail goes along paved roads for a while and then cuts through small rural villages and mud tracks, ascending to El Alto and the rim of the ledge overlooking the city of La Paz and the snowcapped mountain range. The trip takes about 2 hours. The costs, which includes the rental of the quad bike or motor bike, a guide and all the gear (helmets, gloves, jackets etc) are: 1 person: 300bs (USD$43)

zoo3La Paz Zoo –  Just 5 minutes from Colibri by local bus is the La Paz Zoo, which Colibri also supports through our volunteer programme, working to improve the quality of lives of the animals through the animal enrichment programme. The zoo is in a beautiful setting and is home to many Andean and Amazonian animals and birds, the majority of which have been rescued from trafficking and cruel treatment. Entrance fee 5bs.