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For more information about volunteer fees, accommodation and support click here

Volunteering for 1-3 months: We particularly welcome volunteers that can spend at 1-3 months (or more!) with us, because this strengthens and gives more continuity to the projects we support. Volunteers that can stay 4 weeks, or more, will have access to volunteer in all of our projects. Click here for more information about all the projects. Click here for information about all the projects.

Short-term Volunteers: If you only have a week or two for volunteering in Bolivia, then we are very happy to set up a volunteer placement in all the projects, with the exception of the Valley of the Moon Children’s Centre. (The minimum time to work in the nursery is 1 month; this is to avoid quick turnover which unsettles the children that we work with).

Groups: We welcome groups from universities or schools to come for 1 – 4 weeks to work on specific community based projects with tangible results and opportunities for inter-cultural and education exchange with local students and community-based organisations. Click here for more information for groups.

What kind of Volunteers are we looking for?

We do not ask for any formal experience, skills or language abilities – but rather we seek people that are committed to sharing with and learning from our community and who have the respect and sensitivity needed to work and live in this small, close-knit community.

We accept volunteers who are 18 years or over. For younger volunteers, they must come accompanied with an adult who will take responsibility for them.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life.

  • Professionals taking a career break and looking for inspirational and new opportunities to channel their creativity and experience.
  • Students on GAP years before or after, going to university – giving you a chance to gain interesting overseas work and travel experience.
  • Travellers who want to get off the beaten tourist track and stay in a community environment, whilst seeking a sense of belonging and giving back to the community.
  • Retirees who can bring specific professional and life experience to strengthen local community-based projects.
  • Families interested in experiencing life together in a new country and making new friends, as well as international contacts.
  • Groups from university, church or school communities.

Professional Volunteers – Do you have specific skills to share?

We particularly welcome volunteers who can bring specific professional skills and experience in the areas of early education, art work, environmental education and projects, physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, nurses, medics, horse-therapists, horse trainers, teachers with experience of children and young people with special needs, fundraisers, web design, gardeners, carpenters, eco-tourism initiatives. Professional volunteers with specialised skills enable us to work with local organisations, universities and professional bodies to build the capacities of local service providers.