8. What is the cost of living?

The placement fee covers the cost of accommodation, but you will be responsible for your own meals and also local transport costs.

The living costs in Bolivia are relatively cheap. Here are some examples to give you an idea of day-to-day costs:

  • Fancy coffee in a good café in the city: USD$2.50 / £2
  • 3 course lunch: USD$5/£4
  • Fancy meal in a good restaurant with wine: USD15/£10
  • Beer / glass of wine: USD$3/£2.5
  • Big bottle of mineral water: USD$1/£0.75
  • Big bottle of carbonated drink: USD$1.20/£0.70
  • Taxi within the city: USD$1.20 / /£0.70
  • Taxi to / from the city to the community where the projects and the volunteer accommodation is: USD$5/£3.50
  • Local Bus: USD$0.60/GBP0,30
  • Entrance to the cinema / concert / disco: USD$4/£3.2