9. How should I manage my money in Bolivia?

Most purchases in Bolivia are made in cash. Cash can be withdrawn from your home bank account using your normal debit or credit card. There are ATMs in all major cities in Bolivia, but none in Jupapina where you will be based. Check with your bank what commission they will charge you for each withdrawal. Take care taking money from ATMs on the street, beware of people watching you / following you. Do not take a taxi off the street right after having withdrawn money as they may have been observing the ATM. Important: Only bring US dollars in foreign cash. It is very difficult to exchange EURO and British pounds. Please be aware that if the foreign bills you bring have even the slightest tear in them or are in any way damaged they will not be accepted in banks of shops or by Up Close Bolivia as payment. Credit cards are not accepted in many places, however it’s recommended that you bring a card for emergencies, to buy more expensive items such as plane tickets, or for a cash advance if necessary. Travellers’ cheques can be changed in tourist areas, but often they charge a hefty commission. Avoid changing money on the streets. You might get a slightly better rate but you risk drawing attention to your money and where you keep it. Also there is always a risk of being short-changed or receiving counterfeit notes.